music is the answer
4 station road
I am Michele Millet, a french singer-songwriter,
I live in a dream where music is the answer...
There are always melodies playing in and with my head, coloring my dreams and keep me out of pain.
They lead me where I can find some peace and relief. "Imagination is the place I long to be,
'cause I can be what I really wanna be..." 
I play piano, I play guitar. I play with words,
I play with life to compose and write
a beautiful world of my own.
"I will find a way to make you feel
the love I feel today..."
I started several bands and the last one was
Not tonight Josephine. We did many gigs in Paris and surrounding area and were the guest band of Billy Paul 
at the Theatre of Saint Germain en Layes (France). 
We performed at The Reservoir (Paris) 
where Tori Amos, Radiohead and many others
were invited by "Ray Cokes" at "Music Planet 2nite".
MCM Session, broadcast on the french channel MCM, 
offered us 30mn of program with live performance and interview and so did France Inter, a french national Radio. 
I start a new project... “4 Station Road”
"Number sixteen" limited edition is available on
Not tonight Josephine: 16
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